The Day Jesus Didn’t Come…

Yesterday, came and went with no reports of the Rapture happening — as was predicted by one Christian group.

I was disappointed.  OK… I knew the Bible says that no one will know when Jesus’ will come the second time… and yet… I am so ready for the life that He has promised in Heaven.

I love that for a day… there was such conversation around Jesus and His coming.  I thought that was kind of cool.  I have heard the sermons… fire and brimstones… since I was a little kid.  I will admit that my dad had a way with stories… of making the time of trouble.. the time before Jesus’ coming so real and scary.

Now… 40 years has gone by and I have to admit often I get passive in my thoughts of heaven and Christ’s second coming.  I certainly do not talk about it with my kids like my dad did with us.  I really need to … not scare them, of course, but maybe I have become so passive that I just don’t even think of it as happening in my life time.

So, yesterday, as I was sitting on the beach, watching the boys, my eyes looked up to the heavens… and I found myself watching… and wanting.  I found myself yearning.

It woke me up… Jesus is coming again.  I need to stop being so passive.  I have to admit that the story of  Israel wandering the desert for 40 years… I always felt sorry for them.  That is a long time.  That is a long time to wait for God to deliver His promise.  I am sure I would have been part of the grumbling and whining.

I feel like whining now.  Jesus, can it be time now… for You to come?

I feel sorry for those that were disappointed yesterday.  And yet… I appreciate the wake up call.. yesterday.


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