Super Moon

It’s Saturday!  The sun is shining though it feels a little chilly still.  Nothing on the calendar today… Wahoo!  I do have a few projects that have to get done but no where to go.  Tuesday is the day of my hysterectomy … round two.  I told Sanj no matter what… I’d better wake up with it GONE. So much to get done before we take off.  First of all, the hospital is in Kingston, which is 2 hours away.  This means even more prep leaving the kids.  It’s all good.

The super moon is  tonight.  They say the best to time see it is just after sunset.  This picture was from last year… in Washington DC:

I also love this one… beside the St. Michael’s Tower in Glastonbury Tor, Somerset…


So cool!  We are not near anything so gorgeous.  Will it look so big here in Millbrook?  I wonder… Can’t wait to find out.  I feel like we should have a Super Moon party tonight! This would be BBQ and then a campfire and waiting for Mr. Moon to appear!

Oh well… maybe a party with my family… is just as well.  We’ll see… Happy Weekend! Post your Super Moon pics!

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