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This new year I started at the office full time (Sanj’s clinic, The Ear Company).  I was not well for the first few months so technically I started March-ish.  The working world is a totally different place.  Yes, I was a stay-at-home mom for the last 22 years.  I was the stay-at-home mom that was never home.  I found tons of things to occupy my time, a lot of time was spent volunteering at the boys school. Or taking the boys to their “before they started school” activates.  There were lunch dates with friends and time to do running around so that I was able to grab the boys after school and do the 3-11pm shift of the motherhood shift.

Nowadays I am part of the working mom’s world.   Truth be told, I am not that fond of it.  Ye, there is a part that feeds my extrovert personality.  I love meeting people and hearing stories and sometimes making up stories about some of them in my head.   Sanj’s clinic caters to all ages.  Yet the ones that usually grab me are the seniors.  It is amazing how much you can learn from this age group.  There is a history class that occurs as they share.  I am so amazed at how many that I would have considered “old” are just young at heart.  So many go to the warmer states for the winter.  Others ski, snowshoe and do things I’d never consider doing.  Fishing is a big hobby too.

There is something to be said about love that  has been and seen so much together.  There are so couples that come in and just touch my heart.  Old school love and manners… today I watched a husband, with his cane, barely able to walk without assistance, insist that his lady go first through the door as he held it open.  I see and hear about love in all ages and stages.  A couple came in together and learned very quickly to never assume anything about anyone!  They seemed love-ish and yet when I asked her if the man was with her, she told me he wasn’t her husband and yet there was an air about her answer that i pressed on.  She told me his was her boyfriend. Oh.  Heehee, I love this age group!  The “boy friend’ went in to his appointment and the girlfriend/lady began chatting with me about this new phase of life.  She had been happily married.  Her deceased  husband was in fiance and thus they were in fine shape in that aspect.  They each had their own place.  They got together as they wanted. She told me that they were a couple in for the friendship and no hanky panky happening.  Bahaha!  I’m pretty sure this was ok with her… but her man would not likely oppose to some sort of panky happening. lolol Sorry Sanj!

I can’t help but wonder how confident one would have to be to bare sin as the years take over and do what it does to the body.  Oye!  I can’t imagine.  SO many have some in saying that they would never remarry.  They are seeking companionship.

Then there are the couples that are into physical love and have no qualms of letting us know.  There was the cutest couple that was still in love in every way with each other.  They lived in a RV and traveled all over, visiting their  children and marking off the bucket list.  They were tell us how the had a queen size bed and he loved having to go all over her to get to his side! lolol  And he was  quite a feisty gent.


Lately there have been ladies coming in with pinks, blues, purples slightly dyed in their hair.  Age is really just a number.  It is really all about the mind and your choice of living life to its fullest.  I mean 50 is just short of 330 days for me and yet I really don’t feel 50!  I guess that begs to ask, “What does 50 FEEL like?”  I’m grateful that I can have the chance to find out

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