Nature Calls…

I am going to vent for a minute. I have bathroom issues. Most people have issues with public bathrooms. That is perfectly understandable. It is even normal.

Most do not have issues in their own home.
I usually go to the bathroom in our bedroom when I need to use the facilities.
The two other main bathrooms are the ones used my the males in my house.
I had a house cleaner for a while which always helped keep things under control. But since that is not available at the moment… I have had issues.
With summer here, I really have tried to focus on doing things with the kids rather than for them.
I have let the urge to have a home in order all the time go by the wayside to go to the beach or pool.
It is all good.
I decided to leave the bathrooms to see what happens.
Well the answer is nothing! Aiming is a problem. So if I am not constantly wiping, nagging and mopping… the result is that the bathrooms look that of a public restroom… and then I catch them running upstairs to MY bathroom!
I am even OK with the toilet seat being up because there is less of a chance to sit on a wet seat!
(I can hear you! lol)
SO… I went to Costco, bought the mega tubs of Clorox wipes. After you use it, WipeIt! Whether it needs to or not. My other tactic is to make them clean it… the bathrooms in all its disgusting state. They do not react nicely to that. Well neither do I.
I used to think that the idea bathroom would be six different sizes of urinals. Surely they wouldn’t miss. But then the thought of cleaning those… yuck.
So… is life with 7 males. Seats up, aim, shoot, miss!
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