"All About Me" Day!

Happy Birthday to ME!

I love birthdays!!!
I love my birthday!
To say I had the best birthday ever would be hard… because since this wonderful man has come into my life… I have had many an awesome birthday!
I believe that birthdays are so special because for one day… It IS ALL ABOUT YOU!
I have loved teaching that to my boys. Everyone gets a special day… all about them.
My day started off around 3:30 a.m. Maybe because I wanted to make the most of it… but I think I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep.
As the morning routine was happening I could hear the excitement of card signing, rustling of paper… shhhhh… all that good stuff happening all the while pretending it wasn’t happening!
How I love my family. The boys got me some lovely jewelry that I proudly displayed today.
Then they gave me a note that said…

In order to find what you seek you must wait to be called. Once you are called you must follow the directions given. You will attain that which is precious to you by practicing the patience that age has brought you this day.

Happy birthday from us.

Sanj, Sammy, Tyler, Jordan, Max, Zach, and Josh

First of all…I am still not patient so they were torturing me! I was then given a envelope that said I couldn’t open it till I got a phone call. Well I spent the morning in the rain watching my sweet Max run his heart out in the cross country run. As he was about to run… I got a phone call!

It was Sanj, telling me that I could open the envelope. Welllllll… I ‘d left it in the truck. So I had to wait to watch Max’s run… patience is a virtue, they say!

I went to Sanj’s office to open it… and there was a receipt for the coveted camera… waiting to be picked up in Oshawa!!!

Sanj had a meeting last night, left it early to drive all the way to Oshawa (where a real mall is), got there 5 minutes to close, discovered they didn’t have it in stock… so told them they’d better get one in for his wonderful wife by the morning! lol And they did!!!

OK… really a birthday isn’t about the gifts… but really who am I kidding… it is a little! lol So as I dashed off to Oshawa… speeding all the way… I couldn’t stop thinking of all my blessings. How I begged God for Sanj so many years ago… (while he was pining for another woman… good thing I saved him!) lol

How I love that he loves me so much. He is thoughtful, creative and all my heart’s desire. What else could a girl want? Well today… nothing! 🙂

Then to add to my delight… Sammy had offered Sanj all his hard earned money that he has been saving for his dirt bike. All of it! Wow… that is a gift in itself. How I love my boys.

Today as we were at Costco wasting a few minutes while Sanj was done work to go to supper… a lady says “4 boys?” The boys replied, “No there are 6 of us!”

She says… “Oh wow… I feel sorry for your mom.”

As I replied to her, “Actually they are pretty wonderful…” I wished that people could see the beauty of my boys.. They love me with a passion. They think of my needs and feelings … they love me. They really love me.

So as my birthday is almost over, I had this special day to think of all my blessings. My cup is running over with love from my friends and family.

Thank you God… for the life you have given me.

Yes, today I am thankful for all of it.

I am so grateful for all the love.

It is really what makes me world go around.

I love you, God.

Thank you for being so faithful to me.

Thank you for my gift of life!

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