Cancer Sucks…

I love the way God works!

Ok, sometimes, God’s humor isn’t that funny… but I love how He is just ready and waiting…

The other day in the van on the ride to school, I was listening to an interview with four men that were raising funds for Closer To Care…

Did you know that cancer, at the rate it is going, could very well pass heart and stroke disease as the number one killer?

Cancer has been a cause very dear to my heart.  While no one in my immediate family has been had this disease (knock on wood)… I have seen countless friends and family suffer.  I have seen the aftermath of pain when a loved one has been taken.  I have seen the fear that grips a mother as she wonders if she will beat the disease … will she see her child graduate or get married?

Cancer Sucks.

Right now in Peterborough, there is a campaign going on to bring care to Peterborough.  Many patients have to travel to 1-2 hours for treatment such as radiation.  I heard that many folks just don’t do it.  It is not an option as traveling like that is expensive and of times not doable.

That shocked me.  It seems ridiclous that people have to choose death because there is no care in there home town.

Closer to Care is a campaign to raise funds to bring a Radiation Bunker to Peterborough.

How great it would be for the many folks here and the surrounding areas.

This cause gripped me.  I saw it as something we can do in our school as The Good Neighbor Committee.  We, as a school, have seen cancer attack many that are in our school family.

Then… the next day there was a message on my machine from a friend .

She is on the committee to raise funds for the bunker.  She is on the committee putting together the Dancing with the Doctors Gala.  She said my name kept coming to mind… she needed one more person one this committee.


First of all, I was so flattered.  This is kind of the big time for me… Second of all, this is where my heart is … Third of all, OK, God… and Wow!

So… I am so excited to be part of this amazing cause!

PS… I googled cancer to find a image… ewww…. don’t do it!

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