February 5th…

Happy Birthday To You…

Happy Birthday to You…

Happy Birthday, Dear Sanj…

Happy Birthday to YOU!

So… many moons ago, on this day, my best friend was bought into this world…

for many reasons… yet I’d like to think… especially for me.  To complete me.

My world is pretty perfect with this lovely man part of it… day in and day out.

Sometimes he drives me nuts… true.

Sometimes I want to hurt him… yes.

Sometimes I need a time out… I admit.

Yet… it always comes back to being so complete with him in it… despite the discombobulation he may cause or create at time.



All I can say is THANK YOU.

Thank you for Sanj.

All of him… the annoying bits, the OCD bits, the micromanaging bits…

the loving me to death bits, the making my world safe and sound bits. the spoiling me to pieces bits…

Thank you for this day…  to celebrate this dear one in my life.

How I adore him!

Happy Birthday, Sanj!

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