Morning One… deemed a success!

Keeping Zachary home in the mornings to help him in the areas of weakness… was good!  It was a little hard with Josh under foot and feeling very jealous.  Despite the fact that I had stuff for Josh… he did not appreciate not having my total attention, therefore  was a bit of a pain.

We will work it out.

Zachary, on the other hand, shone!

We did reading… a bit.  When I could see him tiring, we moved on to math.   He has a love for math.   I asked him if he wanted to learn something different?


He loved it and was so proud as he caught on very quickly.  Soon, I could give him any problem and he could work it out!

I loved seeing pride on his face.

He was shining.

When we went back to reading, he was more willing to put his energy into it.

Tonight was the icing on the cake:

At hockey, he finally got his goal that he worked so hard on all season!


Way to Go, Zach!

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