TGIF and Green M&Ms…

Thank  you, God that it is FRIDAY!

The only thing that would make this evening perfect is if I didn’t have to go out again.

Yet, that is not in the cards.  One teenager is needing to be picked up from Youth Group and one kid has hockey.  If this wasn’t the case, I’d be in my pjs right now… at 4:15 pm.

Sanj is off to Las Vegas.


I am jealous.  I really wish I could have gone.  I used to go.  It was easy to leave the boys with my mom and take off.  Now… it takes way to much effort to co-ordinate 4 days away.

I am really looking forward to my writer’s weekend… 48 more sleeps and counting.


That’s 1152 hours!

Tick Tock…

Today was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!  It was a high of 9 degrees Celsius!  In Las Vegas, the high is only going to be 12 C.  Sanj was not happy about this.  Ah, who’s kidding who?  Vegas is an indoor town!  I love the sights and sounds!  I love the slots.  LOVE THEM!  They are a little addicting.

I love the food there.  Cheap, yummy and lots of it!

I love the people there.   I love to stare!  It is such a different world!

There is a M&M store there… I love green M&Ms.

I love exploring.  I can entertain myself well in that town!

Today was a busy day.  Lots of places for me to be.  I have to say this… there are some people that are animal people… they shouldn’t deal with people… because they treat the animals with much more respect and love.

Then of course, there are people who aren’t animal people.

Then there are people who are normal.  Today I dealt with some animal people.  It was a little weird.

It was a weird day.

I am so glad it is evening.  I am home.

There is a movie out… “Life As We Know It.”  I loved this movie.  It’s a DVD.  It’s a chickie movie… though I am sure if Sanj watched it, he would love it too.

I haven’t written in a while.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t be myself on my OWN BLOG!

Crazy eh?

It’s Friday!

So glad!  Have you got big plans?  Sometimes no plans are the best kind of weekend.!

Monday is Family Day here.  Still trying to figure out what we are gonna do.

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