Early Spring… Please!

What a crazy week and half it has been!

The boys have not been this sick ever… and certainly not all at once.

This morning Max came to be bed and said he couldn’t see and then fell to the floor and lay there.  Oh my goodness… for a minute I thought he had a stroke! (Can little boys have stokes)?

Scared the daylights out of me!  He is such a good sick boy.  He just sleeps and sleeps and never complains.

Anyways we are off to the doc’s today… just to make sure everything is still good… Josh is coughing deep down from his chest… so just want to make sure I am not ignoring anything.

It looks like spring really may come early… it’s freezing rain outside and there seems to be more rain than snow in the forecast.

I think we are ready for winter to be done.

Over March Break we  will be going to Mont Tremblant for 2 days of skiing/snowboarding.  Then we will spend a day in Ottawa and take in a Senators game.  The boys are really looking forward to this!  Sanj got a new snowboard for Christmas and is really looking forward to breaking it in.

This summer we are going to PEI for a week!  I am really looking forward to this!  On the beach, relaxing.  The boys can dig for clams right in the back yard.  With a large family it makes more sense to rent a house where we can cook and do laundry as we need to.

(This is our cute little beach house we will be staying at.)

I haven’t been outside of Ontario so I am excited to explore bits of Canada.

Ah… these thoughts give hope on a dreary grey day.

Of course there is my little retreat in April…

Yet as of now… I am just trying to get my babies better and out of the house! Who’d have thought!

My hands are so dry from all the handwashing!  Yet I am so grateful to God for giving me health through this time.

Josh and Sammy were teasing each other… about being a mama’s boy.

Josh said to Sammy:  “Your’e a mama’s boy AND you came out of her private!”

Sammy was speechless.


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