Learning to BREATHE

I am no doubt ADHD… usually if life isn’t full speed ahead then it is not what I know. Obviously, life is simply busy with normal stuff that is part of being a family. As I am reassessing life, making changes and tackling challenges, I have realized that I do not take time to really breathe.

Of course everyone living person breathe’s naturally through the nostrils, without attempting to control our breath. What I have realized lately is when I am feeling panicked, I need to stop and just breathe. I had this moment this weekend. It was half an hour to our open house and I was in the shower feeling VERY overwhelmed. I have never had a panic attack but image it was close to what I felt at the moment.

Suddenly I realized I just needed to breathe. DEEP BREATHES and FOCUS on only that for a moment. Maybe I am breathing dyslexic!

When I was pregnant with Sammy, Sanj and I went to the prenatal classes and one of the things they teach you is breathing. That whole HEE HEE HA or is it HA HA HE? Anyway, being the ever faithful student Sanj, during labour Sanj told me, “You are breathing wrong!” I assure you this did not go over well with me!

Maybe this is something that all of you do or know. But I have found another coping method (especially when Zantax isn’t available)! I know it is a form of meditation but I am not at that place to sit or focus for 10-15 minutes. Perhaps I will grow to that at some point. My father in law does yoga every morning. Discipline is what I am working towards.

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One Response to Learning to BREATHE

  1. Shelley says:

    I need to try and do this to!! Just breathe!! How is the house hunt going???