23 More Sleeps!

I am sick of making lunches.
I am sick of having to repeat (loudly) “GO TO BED!” Especially when it is still not dark!
i am sick of lunches not being eaten fully.
I am sick of 7 o’clock wake ups.
OK really 7:30 am wake ups… and then scrambling.
I am sick of “I have no clean pants.” What is wrong with the dirty ones from yesterday?
I am sick of “LET’S GO… We’re LATE!”
I am sick of HOMEWORK.
I am sick of “I need this much $ for this field trip.” Are you going to come on the trip?

I am ready for SLEEPING IN!
I am ready for “Oh it’s 1 pm we should eat lunch, eh?”
I am ready for “Want to go to the beach?”
I am ready for shorts full time. (tonight there is suppose to be frost… how crazy is that)?
I am ready for a tan! haha

23 more sleeps till Summer Break begins. I know the first 2 weeks are hard … to get adjusted to slowing down… and then it is good. Till I hear…. ” I am bored.” “There is nothing to do.”

Can’ t wait!

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