As For Me and My House…

“Choose you this day, tell me who will you serve ..

Let nothing stand in your way

Give the praise He deserves

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

As I busied myself Friday, readying our house for this special day, the day that my boys were to be baptized and demonstrate their love for Jesus in front of all their friends and family… this song kept going through my head.

I love a party.  I love being surrounded by the people I love so much.  I love food, fun and fellowship.  I love hearing the laughter waffle through the air… the easiness of which people drop their worries and just relax.

Add to this mix that my boys were making a stand for Jesus… that they love Him and chose to live their with Him by their side… made this a very special, extra special, day.

Our family from the States came up.  Our family is very special to my boys.  They are loved by their aunties and uncles unconditionally.  The boys adore them back.  Having them here was like Christmas for the boys and they were the presents.

There were obstacles.  Many of them… the weather… thunderstorms were called for all day… the skis were ominous.  The grey clouds hovered all around us throughout the evening and yet despite the bits of spitting rain, the storms held off.

There was Max and his health.  He is still sick… throwing up… still.   And yet, God granted him strength to keep strong through this weekend.

It was incredible.  I think we had over 150 surround my boys as they stood with their brothers in the freezing waters of the pool and were baptized.

Each child had someone special speak of them and their character and left them with a special Bible verse.

It is one of those moments… that words can not express the joy and pride that flooded my heart as I watched my babes go under the water.  I felt tears as I watched the youngest of the bunch, my Zach, grab my  brother’s arm (my youngest brother did the baptism), a look of vulnerability passing his face as he held on ready to be baptized.

How much I love my boys.   As I thought of this and felt my heart overflow I had to pause and only imagine how much my God must love me.  I can only imagine if my human nature allows me to love so deeply,  how much more God must adore me in His greatness.

I can only image the celebration in heaven happening, as we celebrated here at home.

It was a beautiful moment.

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2 Responses to As For Me and My House…

  1. Rena Ridley says:

    It was a beautiful time celebrating God’s faithfulness and goodness to your family.
    What a blessing to know He’ll ALWAYS be there for them. Watching them go under was an emotional delight knowing what they were saying with their willingness to be baptized. Thank you for allowing our community to be a big part of their lives too.
    Your family are such a delight to you. It is obvious and I thank you for sharing them with us. At times it was hard to figure out whos child belonged to who but it appears they belong to everyone. Family – what a gift from God.
    I hope all goes well today at Sick Kids. Call me please. I’ll be praying!
    Love ya lots.

  2. Hettie Aardema says:

    I echo Rena ‘s words.. it was an honour to be apart of this amazing day. I was blessed by it. It was wonderful to meet your families. Max my prayers go with you as you try to get to the bottom of why you are feeling so ill. If there is anything we can do to help let us know..

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