It’s Movember!

Are you familiar with this hairy month?  Sanj has joined the ranks of men showing their support for the fight against cancer… specifically prostrate cancer.

If your husband one of those that never goes to the doctor?  That’s Sanj.  He never goes.  I can count on one hand how many times he’s gone to the doctor.

I worry about all those things that men never really want to deal with… you know, like a physical and thinking about Mickey Mouse, for example…

In a Norwegian study, divorced and never-married male cancer patients and 11 and 16 percent higher mortality rates, respectively, than married men.  And a UCLA study found that people in generally excellent health were 88 percent more likely to die over the 8-year study period if they were single. (Men’s Health)   The link between marriage and longevity is much stronger among husbands than wives, however. A 2007 study that looked at death rates among European people over age 40 found that the rate was twice as high in unmarried men as in married men. The disparity in death rates was far more modest between unmarried and married women.  (Fox News)

What am I saying?  I love the concept of promoting men’s health… in a fun, manly way!  Sanj can grow a moustache without trying.  Then there is my Sammy, he put his face two inches from my and said, “Check out my Movember!”   I think my stache had more on my face… which was in desperate need of waxing.  I did contemplate a Movember myself but Sanj discouraged it! lol

Anyway… I love seeing all these men participate.  I know there is always a cause.  Yet if this is one you want to support… grow a moustache… this promotes awareness as folks ask about your normally not there facial hair.  Or donate.  Sanj’s link to support his team (which is just him since he just works with a bunch of ladies) is Movember (just click on the word.

Here’s the cool thing… Canada has the most participates world wide with 208,484  and $11,728,909 and counting.  How incredible!

So I challenge you to help change the face of cancer for men!

Check out www.

Email me your moustache for Movember and I’ll post any I receive.

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