Sugary Goodness

It’s Friday!!!

It’s not a Friday that I will be spending relaxing though. ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†It’s a busy weekend… ¬†I am spending the morning tidying up at home, so that when my cleaning lady cleans, it will look cleaner. ¬†I hate that they can’t de-clutter for me. lol ¬†I hate seeing the piles of stuff everywhere, just waiting my attention. ¬†Sammy called and forgot his gym clothes and needs them by 1 pm… if possible. ¬†What else do I need to do? ¬†Sanj forgot his jujitsu bag too. ¬†Jordan is on the volleyball team at school and they are playing out of town. ¬†I feel the need to go and cheer him on. ¬†It was easy to do with Sammy and Tyler, when they were his age, yet they seemed to have their tounements during school. ¬†Jordan has his tonight and tomorrow. ¬†Not really convenient… add hockey, lots of hockey and its a packed day.

Josh is begging me to go to the movies… Puss and Boots and what’s the new Penguin movie… Happy Feet 2 are playing. ¬†I keep saying maybe… ¬†He keeps hoping! lol

Yesterday Sammy and a friend had to make curry for an assignment. ¬†I spent a chuck of time cutting chicken (which I hate) for supper and I cut half of their chicken for their curry. ¬† They had fun making it, even cleaned up and apparently were a hit in their class. ¬†Along with the curry, they served coconut rice and tomato/cucumber salad. ¬†It sounds like the teacher is taking the leftover home! Sammy better get an A… is all I’m saying.

I went into town last night to pick up Zach from hockey and as we drove home, the highway was a whiteout! ¬†SNOW! ¬†It was actually scary driving home. ¬†We live in a snow belt… so while there was bits of snow in town… we got a blizzard. ¬†Winter is here!

Today there is no hockey!!! This is a rarity in the week! ¬†Wahoo! ¬†Wait, before I get too excited… Jordan has a volleyball game tonight out of town… as well as tomorrow. ¬†This means we can all go and cheer him on tonight. ¬†Aw… almost… I knew it was too good to be true!

I’m hosting a Cookie Exchange in a couple of weeks. ¬†I’m so excited! ¬†I’m looking for recipes. ¬†I never really get to bake much. ¬†It’s just not something I really make time for. Yet I am looking forward to it.

I saw the recipe for these cookies… don’t they look pretty and yummy?

They are sugar cookies… I love sugar cookies! ¬†I also love fudge! ¬†Oh, who am I kidding… I love sugary goodness!

OK obviously I have nothing to write.  I am just writing.  I hope your Friday-Sunday is wonderful!

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