Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!

It’s February 5, which means only one thing… it’s my dearest hubby’s birthday!

How lucky am I?  Where do I even begin?  Well, the story has been told, many a time, of this cute Indian boy that caught my eye and eventually my heart.  I saw a good thing in this man… and then the chase began.  He was a good runner and tried (hard) to keep me

Sanj as a young boy... not! This is Max's contribution to my blog post... lol

from nabbing him but… eventually I won!

I was writing on my Facebook wall that it was Sanj’s birthday… and wondered how I could convey my feelings for him… and yet realized it is simply said… “I love you, Sanj, with all my heart.” 

How lucky is he to have his birthday on the biggest sporting day of the year?  I know it’s the Super Bowl but truthfully, I didn’t even know which teams made it until today when the boys asked which team I am cheering for.  This year I can’t even pretend to get into it.  I cleaned…  the basement which looked like a hoarder’s garage throw up in our basement… so that Sanj could enjoy the bigger screen tv downstairs, then I cleaned the main floor including the pantry… and cooked.  I made pulled meat to go on buns, potato salad, veggie tray, chips and salsa, cheesecake… all the yummy stuff.  I invited some guys to stuff their faces with Sanj and the boys and I am looking forward to retreating upstairs with my book unless something other than the Super Bowl catches my attention.

Did you know… on Super Bowl Sunday 71.4 million pounds of guacamole and  14,500 tons of chips are consumed.  Antacid sales rise by 20% on the Monday after the Super Bowl… a 30 second commercial cost $3.5 million (up $400,000 from last year).

Oh yah, if you are like me, it’s the New England Patriots and the New York Giants that are battling it out on the field tonight!

Happy Birthday, dearest Sanj.  May your team win!  That would be the Patriots!


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