A Taste of India…

It’s midweek… and yet it’s a short week so all is good with the world.  Monday was Family Day here… a good day.  Friday is a day off for the younger four boys, which means sleeping in (well, the reality is that as history shows, this is the day they will all be up and at it before 7 am, no doubt).

The Taste of India went well.  I had a lot of fun that night.  I got dressed up, hair done and felt like a working princess.  🙂  I used to hate when my parents made me wear a sari, those few times I had to, as I hated being different from everyone else.  Now being different isn’t so bad.  I am, there is so much about me that is uniquely me, why not? 🙂  One of the reason I disliked a sari was that I was always scared that it would come undone with my clumsy self.  I went to Scarborough, one of the many trips to the Little India there, the last week, and found a lady that makes the sari into a ready made one.  The pleats are sewn and the wrapped part is made into a skirt that wraps around.  I loved it.  I loved the sari that I bought ( I bought none from India for me…unfortunately I discovered this new love upon return).  I found all sorts of accessories to go with my sari from things for my hair to jewelry.  Oh the fun!!!

Here are some pictures from the Taste of India:

The evening started with some of the students walking around with appetizers, samosas, just to tease the taste buds of the guests.

This is a form of art done with shredded coconut or sand … done by one of the Indian ladies in the community.  I can’t remember the name of this art…

This was our Indian Bazaar… things we bought back from India: scarves, shawls, saris, decorative pillows, tea… all to sell and make money for some of our Indian projects (which I still have yet to post on).  What a cute sales man, eh?

I love these ladies.  They are my fellow co-horts, my Indian posse, my friends, who love me and while often, may silently raise a quiet eyebrow to some of my ideas and thoughts, support me with their love, energy and friendship.  Thank you, Jesus, for my sisters.

Take notice of our beautifully decorated gym stage… done by many hard working volunteers… an amazing sitar player and this beautiful, desperately in need of carbs, dancer.

I am so proud of the boys. They did fantastic, fending for themselves till close to midnight.  Aren’t they so cute?

Another item that was happening in a corner was mendhi done by one of our super talented graduates.  This was a big hit.

Aw… the better part of me… my biggest supporter, financially, emotionally, physically… he never doubts me.  He believes in me, never says no… like paying the silly amount for me to have those plastic plates that looked like china… what’s a few more dollar… understands my need for immediate gratification and is proud of me.  Have I said how much I love this man?

Sigh.  All in all… it was a great night.  I had a lot of fun.  I felt like hostess with the mostest.  I love this school of ours and I love my motherland.  I loved bring those two together.  Ultimately, I learned that educating others on the beautiful country that is India was a bigger motive behind this night then the funds it raised.


Photo Credit and Thanks to Mark Chandra… the man who always can be counted on to document the event.

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