Today is 12*12*12!  Love this kind of thing!  It will only happen today!  It is the last repetive date we will ever see! I feel like we should celebrate somehow!  But how…

I am feeling so much better!  Definitely back to my ole self, almost.  Thank God for drugs!  (The good kind).  Now to play catch up… there’s so much that needs my attention.  I hope that spending the day home puts a dent in my list.

This weekend a friend of mine invited me to Toronto with her daughter to do some Christmas shopping.  We left early and came home late and I have to say it was pretty good medicine!

I still have no idea WHAT to get Sanj!  I am looking for that gift that causes a reaction… you know, the jaw dropping kind!  I have no idea what to get him, except maybe a lock on our closet door to keep the boys from getting into his clothes, a big pet peeve of his!  Poor thing!  He keeps saying, “Just get me some good books.” I do that anyways.  Sigh.  SO now what?  Yes, I know, it’s not about the gift…

Tyler went to lunch with some friends at a local resturant.  Apparently he didn’t have enough money.  He only had a bit of change for his tip on a $16 meal.  He felt bad, so he says, so he left the waitress something else.  Sammy’s phone number!  He thought the waitress would be pleased.

Have I mentioned how much my boys crack me up?  Sometimes their way of thinking is so crazy scary!  (Of course this was followed by a lecture that he really should go back and tip the poor waitress).

I love Christmas!  I love all the decorations that make the world just look nicer in this drab grey wintery season.  I don’t like digging everything out of the basement, though.  I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be all done!

Oh well… Happy 12-12-12 today! Enjoy the sun shine (hopefully it is shining wherever you are!)

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