Busy Weekend…

It’s Monday and it’s -28 degrees C. outside.  What a winter we are having!  Brrrr…. I feel like the house can’t quite get warm enough this morning.  The weekend was busier than usual.  Saturday Sanj was off to Simcoe, his hometown, with his parents for a funeral of a friend of theirs.  I’m sure it was nice for his family to be together and see folks that they haven’t seen in forever.

Me, I was busy being in denial.  Sunday was a wedding show that I had signed up to be in.  Yet, I didn’t really know what I was going to serve and felt frustrated and overwhelmed with this looming in front of me.  Of course, as usual, life happens whether you’re ready or not and it was all good.  I had some of the boys with me.  My little appetizers I had were a hit… phew.  It was a long day and for me boredom sets in probably too easy.  Interesting people walked by.  Is there such a thing as normal?  I remember growing up, all I wanted was a normal family.  What is that? Normalness? (I realize that it may not be a real word as it came up on spell check- it’s what Sanj calls Reema-isms).

While at the bride show, there were lots of young girls and teens that were there as models.  As they were walking around after the show, I couldn’t help but notice with alarm, the length of their “dresses.”  I mean at one point I was worried this girl’s bottom was going to peek out if she moved another inch.  I mean at the risk of sounding like my mom- I was appalled at the length of their outfits.

As a mom of 6 boys I am constantly trying to teach my boys that women are to be respected.  Here’s the thing, when girls (not all) are walking around wearing nothing to the imagination, how can they be upset when they are treated like an object?  Is this classy?  Is this attractive?  I really don’t think so. I’m feeling so old.  Yet even when I was younger, I felt embarrassed for girls that dressed leaving nothing to the imagination.  I also wonder, where are their parents?  Do they not care?

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