Today was a day that I had 101 errands to do and all I really wanted to do was write.  Ever since I decide to write for real, life has been playing me.  There is no time it seems as my days seem to fill with a bunch of foolishness that has to be done.  I need at least a few hours of uninterrupted time to write.  ARGGGG!  Yet if there is a will there must be a way! Part of what had my day busy is my commitment to be #fitby50.  Is that real?  Yes, I want to be fit by 50.  This means dedicated gym time.  This means not just being happy with 30 minutes of cardio like I used to.  If I made it to the gym, period in a week I used to be so pleased with myself.  Now I’m committed to at least 30 minutes of cardio (my heart really needs it… I want a low heart rate).  Yet there is the weight training aspect.  I am a wimp.  I do a few reps of something and then stop, it hurts or feels hard.  I decided what I needed was a trainer.  Someone that scares me enough to do the work.  Someone that knows their stuff.


Yup, that’s my Tyler.  This boy lives in the gym. Who better than to train me?  I’m always handing out money, anyways (while he was looking for work) so I may as well hire him!  One of my better decision I’ve made lately.  I found that I want him to be proud of me and trust him.


OK normally I’d NEVER post a picture of me looking so disgusting.  Yet the disgusting part, sweating and looking rough was after an intense (for me) workout.  I must tell you after we did legs, I had serious difficulty lowering myself on a toilet.  OUCH!!!  lol  So, we’re into week 2 and it is great because Tyler only gets paid for the days we go.  So he’s motivated to get me there.

I hope to figure out the balance of working out, doing the things that need to be done in my day and finding a way to write.

I am adding this silly story just because it’s so random.  A while ago, Sanj asked me to call this piano tuner.  It was someone recommended to him and so he asked me to look him up. Listed under piano tuners were just a handful of names and when I asked Sanj if this was the guy, he said he thought so.  So I called and even asked if this guy was a patient at The Ear Company and he said yes.

The person knocked and I went to the door and he told me that he was there to tune the piano.  There was someone accompanying him who introduced himself as his driver.  The driver, a very friendly guy  told he’d be back at a specified time.  I wish I had a picture of my face.  This guy, the piano tuner was BLIND.  Shortly after I discovered that he also had a significant hearing loss.

I called Sanj and asked if the tuner was blind?  In a voice that I know he’s astounded by something I’ve done, he said, “REEMA, who did you call?!!!  OK, it was impressive watching this guy.  And he was really blind and pretty deaf I figured out very quickly.

Sanj came home and was very nervous and curious… yup!  The piano tuner was indeed deaf.  We ended up finding the correct tuner and had it redone.  I am pretty sure this guy was good in his time, when he could hear.

It’s one of those moments when you can’t actually believe this is happening and grateful that all is well that end’s well.  The piano nor the tuner were not harmed.  We did a good deed of helping a guy make a living. lol

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