My Own Grizzly Adams!!!

Over the last year, it seems that beards are in.  I should rephrase that, not the low trim or couple of days growth but the Grizzly Adams kind of look!  We used to love watching Grizzly Adams.  His look was kinda cool as he often resembled his buddies the grizzlies. grizzly adams and bearCan you spot him? lol

My husband seems to have found this beard thing a fascination.  Sanj had a beard from the time I first met him.  He shaved it off years after we were married and I remember having to adjust with his beardless face.  Mind you, his beard was always trimmed low and well-groomed.


Love this face… and this beard is how I knew him forever.


A day’s worth of growth… love this face!

sanj4I should have cropped this to bring his face closer… even here, as he grows it out, I am ok with it.  It is a novelty. It makes him happy.  He loves matching his clothes with his beard.  I love him so I love this face.

sanj5OK…. now…. I think I’m done.  The man is hairy.  His chest is hairy.  There’s not much distinction from where that face I love ends and his chest begins.

And yet, the boy in this man is so happy to keep growing this craziness all over him.  He loves the products that are available for this scruff.  He loves playing with it. It seems to make him happy.


And so I cannot help but just love this face that gets such joy out of such a mess! lol

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