25th Anniversary!!!🎈🎈🎈

Congratulations to The Ear Company (Peterborough Audiology) on celebrating 25 years!!!!  Yes this is something to be celebrated and yet let me take a minute to tell you how proud I am of the man that has made this place what it is.

Something I’ve learned over the last 25 years is that of course the knowledge an audiologist is of utmost importance and am always so proud of his man’s knowledge.  I’m always baffled how that head of his is able to handle the wealth of information so pertinent to his patients.  I have watched him work so hard on his Doctorate of Audiology, while juggling everyday life with 6 boys, simply for the knowledge.  I have watched people walk in the door and within 30 seconds see their face relax as the realize he gets it.

Yet aside from being top in his field ( in my humble opinion), I have seen something that others do not get to see.  I have seen his eye fill with tears as a parent sees their little one hear for the first time. I have seen those eyes well up as a baby turns his head hearing his momma’s voice for the first time. I have seen those tears fill his eyes as a dear patient comes in to tell him their spouse just passed. They actually came in for a hug knowing he cares and feels their brokenness.  I have watched as he treats all people that walk into his office with respect and equality.  I love his special touch especially those that are fearful, his patience has no bound. 

I have watch his generosity over the years, helping above and beyond.  I have seen him fight for those that deserve compensation after years of service to this country, the look of delight or overwhelming appreciation as they receive a check from many years back, owed to them. Or I have watched as he gently touches the hand of someone counting out change for a sleeve of batteries telling them, “It’s ok.”  I love seeing his delight as a patient that saw him as a child comes in with their own little one, able to succeed, impart to helping them hear. How many times has someone, not a patient come in with aids purchased else asking him for help and he doesn’t pause a moment.  

I love the example that he is to our sons.  He teaches by example that life isn’t about making money but about making a difference. He teaches them through example of always giving beyond 100%. He teaches through his example that fulfillment comes from the relationship with patients. He teaches by his example of generosity, kindness and compassion. 

I have watched God bless people in the past 25 years that walk into those doors, yes, needing an audiologist but leaving, after being touch by one of life’s beautiful humans.

As I have watched God bless The Ear Company the past 25 years, I know it’s because of the huge heart behind the name. Happy 25th Anniversary, Sanj. I’m so proud of you. 💕

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