14 Years Ago!

March 27, I became a mom to a 14 year old for the last time!!!! My youngest is 14 years old!!! It was Easter Sunday 14 years ago when my dearest son took 12 hours to make his way into the world. I was furious with him! Being my 6th child, the worry was that he would rush out in no time, much like his brother before he did.

From birth, Josh was styling … came out with a mohawk.

The last 13 years with Joshua Daniel as my sidekick, never leaving my side for much. He is a mama’s boy all the way. He never left my side for much. He is blessed to have a dad that loves him in a language of their own, one foreign to me, but that’s ok. He loves his brothers! He is the pack leader. And his brothers adore him and his foolishness that no one can compete with. He is a friendly enough sort yet very rarely does he choose to have friends over, as his first pick would be to hang with his brothers.

The foolishness that comes from this banter is such that truly leaves me speechless!

This baby of mine has been through so much more than his siblings have at his age and yet he is strong, gentle, compassionate and kind. He is hilarious, does not have much use for boundaries and has a great laugh!

I LOVE that he “KNOWS” in his heart that He is my favourite. He doesn’t care that his brothers “know” otherwise, he knows the truth! He knows he’s a favorite! How can I not love that kind of love?

Josh has been a styler from the time he could give his opinion. 3 piece suits to school till he could not fit into them. He is a lover of shoes and definitely has always had his own thoughts of his hair!

My big man… ready for 8th grade grad pics!

I could write and write and yet being at that critical ages of keeping track of what I write in public!

Joshie Washie, you are a big piece of my heart and I adore you! I am so glad that Jesus gave you to me! You are one of my most favorite people in this whole world!!! This year is going to be awesome!!! I love you!!!!

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