Summer So Far…

Most people are complaining about the heat or the absence of it. I have to admit that I don’t mind. I love the absence of the humidity and sweating.

Yet I know… summer is all about that heat and sweat.

Right now it is cloudy and a lovely breeze is blowing in my window. My kids are wondering why I am always hot…. I wonder that too!

Summer has been good… so far. I can’t say we have done a lot of exciting things … because we have not done anything out of the ordinary. We have been home, gone swimming a far bit (finally making use of that Y membership), played at a creek… catching crayfish, golfed at bit (not me) and hung out with friends.

I am thinking of taking the boys camping for a few days. I like the idea of camping but hate the set up and take down. But I love the way the kids are occupied with nothing more than nature.

Sammy has his first JOB. It is a great one especially to get his feet wet in the big world of WORK. He is a play mate to one of Jordan’s classmates while his folks work. One day a week… and really he gets to play.

Tyler is eager to join too. So… if you want a babysitter/playmate, I got one for you!

Are people prejudice against boy babysitters? Not sure… I wonder if a boy would be asked over a girl? I never really had a boy babysitter because I didn’t know of any that were interested.

I remember my first job was a summer babysitting job… a boy and a girl… 3 and 5 years old. The mom was a single lady, pretty and had nice clothes. I was intrigued by her life. I remember seeing her stuff on the bathroom counter and being very intrigued.

I don’t really remember the kids too much but I do remember thinking what trust was bestowed upon me (I was probably Sammy’s age) and with them all day and few times a week. I felt like I was playing house and loved it.

Guess I had an early start at what was my destiny… at least part of it.

I am still wondering what God has in store for me… the next stage. But knowing that summer is only minus 3 months and counting… I am good with the occasion pondering.

Do others wonder what’s next? Or are people just riding the ride? Maybe I am a restless spirit… Or maybe I am just looking to the lotto that isn’t really there.

Ok… I am just having verbal diarrhea… I best get on with a day that has been calling me for a bit now!

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