Breaking the Cycle…

As I sit to write (again) I am hit with the realization that my house is a mess for this reason… if I stuck to the task and finished the dishes, or making breakfast (yes, at 11:37 a.m.) maybe things wouldn’t be so flustering… I am addicted to writing… to getting my thoughts out…more than a clean house or worrying about my kiddies bellies being full!

But here is my thoughts… it is about my brother. I am not sure he will appreciate me writing about him but oh well… I was looking at his pictures on Facebook last night from his vacation in Tampa. He is in Charlotte for a little stop on their way home.

My brother is 5 years younger than me. We talk almost every day. We are in many ways very alike. We are also in many ways very different.

The one thing we both strive for is normalcy in life despite not being normal. His personality is very similar to my dad. He is charismatic, the center of attention, and fearless to say whatever. I never know which one of his personalities will come forth. Time with him is always an adventure to some degree.

I never really thought about how hard it must have been to grow up as sons of my father. My brothers lacked the one of the fundamental things to becoming a man… some one to model for them.

I realize that this is the woes of many a young man and thanks to that of a strong mother… these boys become wonderful men regardless.

My brother has had quite a life. I always have said he has had a lucky streak. He is a gifted man with many talents. I am not going to bother listing them as I don’t want to be held accountable for his swollen head. lol

The point in writing this is to talk about breaking the cycle.

The cycle that we were in wasn’t the best. It had a few things that were great, somethings that were OK and many others that were just not acceptable to pass on.

As I watch my brother over the years as father… it has been weird. To me, he is still my little brother. But to his kids, he is quite a man. He is a father that is willing to reach past his comfort level and expose himself to things that he wants his children to experience.

I am so proud that he is able to do this. We didn’t have a dad that took us fishing or hiking. We didn’t play with our dad.
He didn’t have a dad that taught him to build things or fix things.

I have a husband that knows this stuff. I never really thought about how my brother would break this cycle and change it.
But he has. He was not too proud to take a fishing lesson (he lives in the big city) when on vacation. I am so proud of him.
I love this picture of him on his trip, fishing with his son. I love that he does these things with his children. I love that his children LOVE him. They can’t get enough of him… which I know can be annoying at times. But if you really thing of it,
what a HUGE compliment that is!

My brother takes his kids swimming, to the library and even to work. He is such a part of their lives. I know that the easy way out would be to say … I don’t know how to fish. I don’t get football or even like it. But he doesn’t. He continues to try because he knows that it will be important to do these things with his son.

So I had to stop in the middle of the chaos and write about breaking that cycle… it is so possible. i love watching people rise from pain and disappointment only to seek happiness and love.

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