Quit Bothering Me!!! Check!

My List was getting a little ridiculous. Everyone needs me to do stuff for them. Yet with all the little things that demand my attention in a day.. it never gets done.

Yesterday Sammy was saying… “Mommy… when are you going to take my phone in…”
Me: “Tomorrow… Sammy… tomorrow…”
Sammy and the boys… “Yeah, right, just like you are going to ….”

So today it took 3 hours to get my list done… but it is done.
0. Pick up boys from B-Ball Camp.
1. Lunch
2. Take the boys to the golf course… yet no golf as to a tournament.
3. Zellers for toothbrushes, shampoo and sandbox toys.
4. Order the sand.
5. Stop at mall to deal with phone issues.
6. Butchers… pick up some steaks for supper.
7. Bank… deposit and cash checks.
8. Call the service people to fix my dishwasher (again).
9. Call phone people about my answering machine issues.
10.Stopped by the computer place to pick up my hard drive.

That is a lot of stops. But I was determined to get this stuff off my list. Check! Check! Check!


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