Let the Adventure Begin…

Today I had to go to The Apple Store to deal with an issue with the iPhone. The closest one was the Yorkdale Mall about an hour and half away.

Always ready for an adventure, I thought I would drive to Whitby and then take the GO Train. Josh has been dying to ride the train and it just doesn’t happen. So I was really looking forward to taking him on this adventure.

Jordan and Zachary were my sidekicks as well. So we get to the GO and I asked for the tickets to Yorkdale. The guy didn’t tell me there was NO TRAIN! I just got a bus ticket.
By the time I figured it out, I decided we’d take the bus and catch the train back to Scarborough. How bad could it be?

Well.. 2 HOURS and 15 MINUTES later… we FINALLY reached Yorkdale. I didn’t realize that this bus stopped at EVERY stop all the way there.

Oh my gosh! The boys were great but highly annoyed. There were smells that weren’t pleasant floating through… (lesson on WHY bathing is IMPORTANT)!

Then an hour into the trip, Josh had to pee. Bad. Desperately looking around, I saw newspaper that someone discarded. I made a newspaper pee-thingy and told him to pee into it. All the boys were horrified and yet amused… I was praying that the newspaper was going to absorb the liquid. (Newspaper makes a great diaper/toilet in time of trouble!)

The boys were great. We FINALLY reached our destination. Pretzels and popcorn made for a great snack. We finished our business at the Apple Store in 15 minutes.
So we decided to eat at The Rainforest Cafe. Yuck. Great ambiance… HORRIBLE FOOD.

Back on the bus (as we discovered there were no trains … they only go to Toronto). We encountered a scorpion tattooed man… who sat beside us. As I said.. “Hope you are not looking for peace and quiet…” as Josh was very chatty, he smiles and says “Whatever works, Right?” There were NO TEETH visible.

Yikes. Another lesson… Brush your teeth! Well!

With a few more mishaps, we finally made it back to the GO station and to the safety of our truck!

Jordan said, “We could have flown to Tampa and back in that time.” lol

We had a quick stop at Toys R Us… a instant balm to a painful day.

We were home by 9:30 p.m. 8 Hours later… Lessons learned. Use your vehicle.

Sanj could only laugh and bring back the attempts of the Taj Mahal Cake. Nice.

I still do plan to do the train … sometime.

My bed felt SO good! All in a day in the life of being on of my kids!

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