1 More Week…

I have butterflies in my tummy.  I am not really sure what the reason is…
…It could be anxiousness at all the thing I have to do by 11am (and yet here I am blogging).
…It could the nervousness and excitement at a “photo shoot” I am doing tonight here… yikes!
…It could be just excitement that its the last day of school for 2 weeks!!!
…It could be that Christmas is one week away!

Who knows.  Today is the all school skate at one of the rinks.  I love this day.  It is so relaxed, you see parents you don’t always get to see.  The kids are all happy, rosy and excited.  It’s got a bit of last day of school feel to it.

The rink is up … the boys are happy.  Sanj and Tyler braved the crazy -15 or lower temps to flood the rink.
I love it!  I am planning my annual New Years Eve family skate at a local rink… yes, you are invited.
Then we may have some friends over later.  The boys usually have a sleepover… it’s all lots of fun.

But back to Christmas…  I wrapped some presents last night.  I love gift giving.  I hate when people say “No gifts, OK?”  You can’t tell me what to do.  If I am giving you a gift… it is from my heart.  It isn’t because I am expecting a gift from you. 

Although Sanj, if you are still looking for a gift idea… I really want a pair of black Uggs… the shorter one.  Check my other pair for size… the mall has it.  🙂

I want a housekeeper.  Did I mention we fired our cleaning lady?  Not the greatest timing… that leaves me in foul spirits knowing I have to come home and clean.

She was not very smart.  She left this rude note … “Reema, I came, no check was left so I left… I have other paying jobs…”  Sanj came home to the note first and messy house.

Not a good thing.  He was TICKED!  Silly lady.  First of all, she has never not been paid.  I was coming back to the house with the money.  She cleans at the office too.  How dumb of her.  That is a huge chunk of cash for her.  Fired.  She called Sanj in tears… “but its Christmas…”  um you should have thought of that before you walked out all tough.  Of course he is a softie.  He told her she can clean till the end of the year at the office.  (Obviously we had lots of other issues with her too….)

But that leaves me high and dry.  Know anyone in Millbrook that is looking… let me know.

OK… I am stalling… I need to clean up the house.  Then there is showering, getting Zach’s helmet fixed, put together the last school gift, clean out my van… Sanj is sure I am going to catch the Bubonic Plague in there.

All in a day…

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