5 More Sleeps…

It’s Sunday night.  Normally I would feel the stress of being ready for another week.  While there is a lot to get done… there is nothing like sleeping in… at least not having to wake up to the buzz of the alarm.

This weekend was a great way to start off the break.  The boys all had friends over.  They lived on the ice. It was so great to see them out there.  Thank you God, for this weather to give us the conditions for a rink.  Thank you for Sanj and his persistent personality to keep working on it.

We had friends over Saturday night.  The younger boys made a gingerbread house… thanks to the help of my friend… and I didn’t have to stress out about getting it made.  Yahoo.

It was a bit of a rough go this afternoon as everyone being to meltdown from being tired.  Yuck.
But it’s all good again.

Tomorrow I have to head into TO to pick the last of the gifts.  Then I have to wrap the remainder of the gifts.  It’s frustrating not being about to get boxes with purchases this year.

I have been baking a bit… which is not me, usually.  But it is all good.  🙂

I am really looking forward to just being happy this Christmas.  I am focusing on the blessing.  I am pushing the hard stuff away.  It is always there.  But there is so much to be gratefully for.

5 more sleeps!!!  I can’t wait!  I love Christmas.
Merry Monday to all!
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