2 More Sleeps!


I had to do some errands today… some for the office… and didn’t get much done that I needed done to cross of things off my list.  I am driving the truck (Sanj’s toy…) behind me is a police.  I feel his stare in my mirror.  I signal right, he follows.  I drive a bit and then signal left.  He follows.  I am in the turning lane in the middle of a busy street and then there they are … the flashing lights.

I have no idea what I have done.  Well, apparently, the toy I am driving has expired plates… very expired… since February.  And then in the stress of it all, I couldn’t find the insurance paper.

2 tickets… one for a $100+ for the tags… he was nice enough to say that he couldn’t really cut me slack since they had expired in February.  Darn.  Then the other ticket for not finding the insurance… but I just had to go to the station and show them proof of it and they would tear that one up.

Did he not realize that I don’t have time for all this?  There went another hour.  

I came home … I had left the boys a list of things to do.  Some did them and some didn’t.
Again… insert frustration and wanting to throw a hissy fit.

Sammy apologizes for not doing his share.  I said I didn’t accept his apologizes.  Is that wrong?
I told him that he can’t not do his share and apologize when convenient and expect me to forgive him and not be mad.  He then replies…. “This is why I don’t apologize.”

This Christmas I choose to Be Happy and Thankful.

I am choosing that … but right now… this moment… I am finding it hard.

But… it is about memories and not the clean, dust-free house, right?

So I am sighing a loud sigh.   I am going to take the boys to see the chipmunk movie… and breathe in while inhaling popcorn.

Then I will come home… get then set up for the night… Sanj is gone the evening to practice for church… then that leaves getting groceries tonight … late or tomorrow morning.

I haven’t had time to wrap yet.  Insert Panic…

2 More sleep.
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One Response to 2 More Sleeps!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Today's Proverbs 31 devotional speaks to this….we get so caught up and stressed out that we forget what it's all about. Take a deep breath, let go, and remember what it's all about. In 10 years what will you remember about this Christmas? What do you WANT to be part of your memories?
    Have a merry Christmas!