Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

It’s New Years Eve! 
Add some snow and mild weather… ✔
Add some yummy food…✔
Add friends…  (yes, you are invited)… ✔
Tonight’s gonna be a good night!

I love a party.
I love being with my family and friends.
I love food!
I love having fun.

I love a New Year.
It is something to be grateful for… having the gift of another year.
It is a gift to have friends and family.
It is a gift to have a whole new year knocking at the door… full of possibilities.

Happy New Years Eve…
Be Safe.
If you have no where to celebrate,
our house is open to you!
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3 Responses to Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks Reema + Sanj for putting on a great NYEve bash! The kids and Kelly are still snoring away. All that skating did them in! They'll be talking about the rink+ ice hill for long time. I'm so glad Canada won, a perfect finish to the night. Take care Sukumarans and let us know when you want to play again. What's your hotmail address btw?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I came across your blog last year and found it refreshing. I love your candor and genuineness; that’s what keeps me coming back. You are real and don’t seem to hold back your feelings or passion for writing; this is what separates you from the rest of the wannabe bloggers! Many of them are trying so hard to be interesting, when all they have to do is just be themselves. In their desperation to sound wise and knowledgeable, they saturate their blogs with big words and stale anecdotes, however their disingenuous efforts bomb and it shows thru in their blogs. Thanks for being you…continue to keep it REAL Reema! Here’s wishing you and your beautiful family a Happy New Year!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Anonymous #1…it's true, you do keep it real. Your daily and heartfelt joys, pains and struggles are something that I for one can certainly relate and empathize with! Don't change, just be yourself and keep writing from the heart!

    I recall a blog by a guy named "Sanjay"…he was so superficial it wasn't even funny…on second thought, he was pretty hysterical because it always appeared as though that he was trying to outwit or impress himself, because it certianly wasn't impressing his readers.

    In his effort to sound intellectual, he would often post enigmatic thoughts,that quite honestly bored me to death. He would also try to appear well traveled and convey that he was an authority on fashion. Would you believe that he actually dedicated an entire post blogging about his research and purchase of an expensive watch…it was a pathetic attempt to impress his readers…again, NOT impressed. Then there were the blogs about his ipod, blackberry, BMW, etc…again, not impressed…everyone and their grandmother has one of these! It says a lot about an individual when all they can talk about is their material possessions.
    Unfortunately "Sanjay" is one of the many individuals who seem to define themselves by their possessions.

    In the end, the only interesting part of his blog were the comments left by his readers; guess they saw right through him too. Here's a guy writing about his travels (mostly work related & paid for), exploits & purchases, while still living at home with his mother. I'm like, give this guy a mortgage, student loans, utility bills, kids, etc., and lets see if he can still maintain his pseudo lifestyle. If he would've just been himself, he wouldn't have had to retire his blog…and quite frankly, I'm sure he would've had many followers.

    Sorry about the babbling, just wanted to let you know that your sincere efforts shine through.