Practicing What I Preach…

I just read my blog about loving the ones that are hard to love.
My dad called my mom  and was going on about his loneliness.  He wants to live with each of his children a month.  YIKES!  My mom said,  “call and ask them.”
His reply was, “I thought you could ask.”
My mom said no.  (Good for her!)

He was at my brother’s  over Christmas almost a month and chose not to call me at all. 
I left that ball in his court.  

How I struggle with this!  He made his bed and sleeping in it is not pleasant.  I feel bad for his loneliness. Yet no matter what, his life is all a creation of his own choices.
Sucks, eh?  

I think of that often, especially being at Sanj’s office, I see two kinds of people.  There are the seniors that choose happy and life.  Then there are those that choice to be miserable.  I want so bad to be a happy person… my whole life.  Getting old sucks.  But really, it doesn’t have too.  If you choose to live and make each day count… you can find happiness along the way.

Back to my dad… I called Sanj and said that my dad wants to come for a month.
There was silence on the other end.  lol
Have I told you I love this man?

Sanj replied, “maybe a week.”  lol
A month would be a long time too… for all of us.
A week would be stressful…
I know my dad wouldn’t stay a month anyway.

So… I am pray and about (and pray please God, don’t let him call), I have decided that if he calls… I’ll extend the invite.

I wonder in this kind of situtation what Jesus would do?

Oye.  I wonder what it would be like to live a boring life?

I guess being kind to the odd, weird and annoying is a category my dad falls into.  Talk about practicing what I preach.
This picture is random.  Jordan had to make a model of ones’ ribs.
Obviously I didn’t help him… thus the great job!
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