Tick Tock…

This week is one of those weeks that is so busy.  Everything that can happen seems to be occurring this week.  Our dinner/auction is tomorrow.  I am really looking forward to it.  Yet I am dreading the before and after.  It is all good, though.

I love auctions!  Sanj hates me loving them! lol  I get so carried away with the auctioneer’s voice, it is almost hypnotizing.  As someone out bids me, I feel the irritation of being out done!  It is almost impulse as my hand goes up again.  At this point, Sanj is looking at me, disturbed.  “No more,” he is telling me.  I just smile.  🙂  There is such a victory when that item that is desired is finally on my tally sheet.  I usually look at Sanj, absolutely delighted, saying, “I won!!!”   He looks at me and says, “You didn’t win it!  We have to pay for it.”

There is the never-ending question looming around me of what to wear?  I find this really cute dress… that would be even cuter with some heels.  I tried on some heels and felt myself teetering  in them.  As I righted myself upright, I caught the eye of the salesman.  I wanted to stick my tongue out at him.  I wanted him to try parading around in ridiculous heels.  I used to wear heels in another life.  How did I do it and what happened?  THE BOYS!!!  Back to square one.

It is all good though.  I have been doing good with my quest for self control were food goes.  Yes, I am trying again.  Hey, at least I don’t give up!  🙂  Anyway, I am trying to eat to fuel my body and not to eat when my emotions are all helter skelter.   It is amazing to me how little I really need to eat or shall I say how horrifying at the amount of junk I would indulging in.

Tick Tock… my time is up.  I really can’t put off beginning my day…
I hope your is a good one!

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