One LIttle, Two Little, Six Little Indians…

Home Again!  We were off for 10 days… Maryland and then off to Pennsylvania.  We went to Indian Camp.  What is Indian Camp?  In Maryland, where there is an abundance of Indians, they have their own Adventist church.  They rent a camp and for 4 days have a retreat of sorts.

It was a little intimidating going.  The only people we knew was my brother and family.  I had a lot of reservations… and yet at the same time felt like this was going to be a learning experience for the boys.

Sanj and I both grew up in places where we were minorities.  Weird how this is what my children are experiencing to.  Not a conscious decision, of course, just how things have worked out.  I believe that God brought us to Peterborough.  So I trust in His plan.

Being with others that are just like you is a great thing.  The boys enjoyed the luxury of Indian cuisine for every meal, with the option of the kid friendly American comfort foods.  It was yummy.  Someone was cooking constantly, it seemed.

The boys learned about IST which is for Indian Standard Time.  Time kind of takes on its own life with Indians.  Supper was never before 7:30 pm.  Everything usually was at least an hour later and this was just a given.

Everyone is an Auntie or Uncle.  This was weird to the boys at first but soon they saw the logic.  Everyone is family… it is the tie that binds.  You never need to worry… there is always someone willing to be “family.”

One of the funny things that came out of their mouths … “Mommy, everyone here is Indian but not one has a red dot on their head.”

I learned that some of the eccentricness my father was cultural.  It was funny to see many other “uncles” singing and being as obnoxious as my dad would be up front.  Everyone wants to be a pastor, it seems.  lol

The boys had a good time.  I was proud of them.  It’s hard being in a totally different environment without knowing anyone.  By the end of the weekend, they were ready to come back again next year.

As the boys getting older, they are learning more about their heritage and things that make them unique.  I love watching this and appreciate the eager steps that they take to embrace their history.

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One Response to One LIttle, Two Little, Six Little Indians…

  1. em says:

    I wish I was Indian!!! That sounds like a great place for the kids to hang out. (My daughter wants to marry a brown guy some day, so maybe I'll be part of an Indian family some day!!) Glad you could get away.