Dear Friend… or someone I thought was my friend… (x3)…

What happened?  What did I do?  What happened to the sentiments of “where were  you my whole life?” Or what about the sentiment of “I can read people… and I feel like you are my best friend… I feel like I have loved you forever.”

I am not sure what I did.  I really don’t think I did anything.  One day you called me 6-7 times and then all of a sudden…nothing.

Or after seeing you in a long while and asking if you got me emails and messages … which went ignored… you give me a weird shrug and move on.

Or suddenly finding money does change ones life… seems to have changed the kind of friends maybe you want.

So… to all 3 of you… I write… you hurt me.  I realize that ultimately you don’t care… but I was true to you.  I have called you friend and treated  you as I would a friend.

I am so sad that I meant nothing… that obviously our relationship meant nothing.  I am in disbelief.  

So I am writing this letter.  I wish you a broken ankle, or that you fall into a ditch and get mud on your face and I wish you a broken heart.  Oops… that is my inside voice screaming out on paper.

I can’t help but wonder what is wrong with me?  It must be me.  How can 3 people that I called friend ditch me… with no words or regrets of our break up?

Maybe my idea of friendship is different.  Maybe…  Maybe I was your friendship mistress until someone better came along.  Guess you found them.

I curse you with rainy days, zits on the middle of your head and nose.  I curse you with running out of gas, a weak bladder and food poisoning and oh… a fly up your nose!

So there!

Farewell my fair-weather friend.

ps  I am just kidding about the fly up your nose… I am just hurt and really did love you.

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