Tuesday… and counting…

It’s 9:39 a.m. and most of my older ones are still sound asleep.  How in the world are we going to wake up on Tuesday for school is beyond me!  I even sent them to bed last night at 9 p.m.  This is why I love summer!  No pressures!

This weekend past was a little crazy.  The boys summer hockey came to a close with the playoffs.  This meant 5 of my boys, who play on 3 teams had 12 games over the weekend.  RIDICULOUS!  How crazy is that?  So Saturday we lived at the rink.  I was running around with the boys that had breaks to grab food and what not.  Sanj was stationed at the rink doing skates and watching with the enthusiast that only a true hockey lover can have.  It was a long day!

Sunday evening we went out to supper with friends and then went to a Lacrosse game.  I have never been.  I didn’t have any clue about the game except that they use sticks with nets and it is a very physical game.  The Peterborough Lakers were in the playoffs… and it was a very  exciting game.  I quite enjoyed it.  Whenever the Lakers scored, this little old lady would swing this sexy red bra round and round in the air.  Josh thought this was hysterical!  Not sure I would ever want the boys playing the game though, as I really did not feel they had enough gear to protect themselves taking into account the physicalness of the game!

It is a scorcher of a week.  Yesterday and today, Sammy and Tyler are in  the Ryder Cup… this is between the two clubs in Peterborough.  I played “golf” for the first time too.  It was a mixer of sorts for the school… board members and staff and spouses… we each had to draw for a club (I had to play with a 7 iron…) and a putter.  It was fun.  I felt the pressure on not wanting to be the suckiest player there.  I had fun.  Thankfully we didn’t really keep score.

For someone who has no interest in sports… it has a lot of space in my life.

I went to get a pedicure before the golf thing… I went to my usual place… it is owned and operated by a lovely group of Asians.  There is a young lady there… who was pregnant… who was back to work.  I asked her about her baby… she had a girl.  I just assumed the baby was in the back… as there is another 4 year old boy often there.  She said no the baby was in Toronto with her mother-in-law.  The baby is 6 weeks old.  Of course I had to refrain myself from asking more … the lady in the chair beside me asked if she was going to go to Toronto tonight?  The girl just kinda shrugged.  Wow.  I can’t image…   It broke my heart.  How come her mother-in-law couldn’t offer to come stay here at least for a bit?

Yesterday Sanj had a patient come in… They were  the owner of the house we used to rent… our first little house in Peterborough.  She recognized the name… must have been from mail they got after we moved.  Sanj, I am sure did not hold back on all the funny stores he had from that house.  See, despite a million folks that have no issue of sharing their homes with critters… you know what I mean… now RATS are pets… ugh… LORD HAVE MERCY… I am not one of those folks.  In past, as soon as critters have taken up unwelcome residence… We are outta there!

One day, while we lived in this house… I had just taken the boys up for a nap and was coming down into the kitchen to make a bottle.  As I was coming down the stair which gives me a view of the kitchen table… I see something I am not suppose to see.  I freeze on the stairs… and stare…  Yup… I am seeing but not believing.  There, standing on his hind legs is a fuzzy tailed squirrel… feast on a donut that was left on the table!  OH MY GOODNESS!  We made eye contact.  We both freeze.  I am honestly not sure who is more scared… yet I would lay money on this that I was likely the most freaked out.

I screamed so loud.  I am really sure for years a squirrel was racing around town from the high decibels that pierced his ears.   I ran back upstairs… slammed the door and was freaked out!  All four of my boys were staring at me, not sure whether to be scared or not.  Sammy was 4, Tyler, 3, Jordan 2 and Max a babe….  there wasn’t the promised bottle in my hand… and I am sure my eyes were crazy.

“Don’t move…. and don’t open the door!!!” I told them.  I called Sanj in panic… he was in Port Hope working this day (about half an hour from home).    He didn’t see the stress… “I’ll take care of it when I come home… just open the window and it will go out,”  he said.  

OK… he was nuts…  I couldn’t believe he actually thought I would even stay in the house.  What about his dear child?  What about rabies?  No, staying in the house was not an option.
I called pest control of sorts… $100 was the price to come rid me of this beast.  Sanj let me know that I better not pay $100 to rid us of the squirrel when he could do it for free.

Now what?  I threw a laundry basket down the stair in an effort to barricade the path between the kitchen and the stairway…  told the boys to RUN not walk straight out the door to the van.  I remember losing it when one of them was whining about not finding his shoe.  “YOU DON’T NEED YOUR SHOE!!! JUST GET OUT!!!”  Did they not get it?

I finally got the kids to the car… this was before cell phones… and made my way out of town to my in-laws… an hour away.  Sanj was in disbelief that I had left town.  He did not see the evil in Mr. Squirrel’s eyes.

All’s well that ended well, sort of.  My Nature Man husband came home… of course all signs of the  Mr. Evil was gone.  “He’s gone,” Sanj announced.  I didn’t fall for it.  Just because Sanj didn’t see him, didn’t mean he was gone!  

Sanj showed me the hole in the screen of the window and convinced me (but not really) that he was freaked out by this  crazy human and left.

I had no other choice but to assume this to be true.  The boys and I moved back in.

It was some time later… the boys were in bed, I must have been putting a load of laundry in before going to bed…. this house was a back split.  The family room had a stairway going down to the dungeon part of the house.  As I was heading down, I saw and heard this huge thump thump thump going down… and eye see the end of a brown HUGE bottom.  HUGE… like a groundhog.. and I am not exaggerating.

I ran up, SCREAMING to Sanj!  Oh my goodness.  We can not live here anymore…  It was huge and scary.  Of course my husband come down, checks out the place and sees nothing.  Sanj is of the mind set that if he doesn’t see it then I am imagining it.

We slept with all the doors to the bedroom shut.  I am not sure how soon but it was very soon after we moved.

The lady told Sanj that when they had the house inspected that there was signs of a critter.  Last night Sanj said it was probably a ground hog.  Do you know how big those are?  The critter was as big as one of my babes.

I can’t believe he made me live with a groundhog!  I am glad that this gave him a topic to talk to his patient about.  Obviously this lady is much braver than me.

So far this house of ours only has critters outside.  Yesterday we drove up the drive and there was a deer hanging out.  So beautiful.  

One week from this morning we will be doing the first day of school bit.  Yikes… I am in such denial!  I’d better getting at it… but after we go swimming this afternoon…  🙂

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