Have you every felt like you won a million bucks?

Speaking of a million dollars… that spot that I mentioned that I wanted my coffee shop on is apparently just under a million dollars!  Wow… crazy!  It is prime property… bummer.  Guess I will have to put that dream on hold!

Back to my feeling like I won a million bucks… if you have been following my blog the last bit, you know that I encounters heart stopping problems with my blog when I tried to move it to my new address.  I couldn’t access the original blog page and my blog was sort of lost in cyberspace.  I won’t lie, I was heartbroken and stressed.  I made calls to various computer folks and most of them sort of brushed me away … probably laughing at the smallness of my problem.  I realize that a blog to must is just a passing fancy.  For me… it is my pride and joy.  It is my life, my emotions and thoughts of the past 2+ years.

I truly was sickened with the thought of my blog lost.  (Yes, note to self… learn how to download from the website to a hard copy).   Most folks that I asked for help didn’t know the programs I need help with.

Tonight God gave me a brain fart!  I love that expression, by the way.  I know it is a little crass but I do like it never the less!  🙂

Anyways, without going into the boring details… I fixed the problem myself!  🙂  I am not as dumb as I thought!!! I am so grateful to God for understanding my true self… for understanding my angst and frustration and giving me the thought that I needed to fix this myself!  Wahoo!

So, while my dream requires much more than a million dollars, I feel so great!  I am back, full swing ahead!

Thank you, Jesus, so much for caring about my little problems.  I love You so much!  And… if it is Your will to bring a million + bucks into my life… that would be great too.



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