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My Story…

I love this… “Don’t let anyone else hold the pen… when writing your life story!” I am all about my life story.   It doesn’t matter what life throws your way, it’s your story to write.  If you have faith, … Continue reading

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I am creature that seeks comfort. Unfortunately for me, it is usually in the form of foods. I love my carbs.  Rice with anything is my first choice.  I love basmati rice! My mom’s cooking is of course what I … Continue reading

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As with everything, there is the good and the bad… Having a houseful of kids being bit by the flu bug is no different. Sammy is still down, feverish and then sweating it out. Max came home yesterday, his eyes … Continue reading

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It’s 9:15 p.m.  I am really ready for bed… yet it seems crazy to go to bed already!  I love my quiet time at night. My friends that blog… often mention the feeling of frustration of writing a blog… the … Continue reading

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Have you every felt like you won a million bucks? Speaking of a million dollars… that spot that I mentioned that I wanted my coffee shop on is apparently just under a million dollars!  Wow… crazy!  It is prime property… … Continue reading

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