My Story…

I love this… “Don’t let anyone else hold the pen… when writing your life story!”

I am all about my life story.   It doesn’t matter what life throws your way, it’s your story to write.  If you have faith, a belief in God, then you have back up!  I love knowing that no matter what comes my way, God has my back.

He has yours too.

What’s my story?

Somedays it is pretty boring.  Somedays it is too intense.  Somedays it feels out of my control.  Somedays it is just perfect.

I used to think the perfect life was one with no stresses or pain.  Yet it is through the pains and hurts in life that I was able to appreciate the good times.  If everyday was perfect… easy… would I really know to understand what I have?

Probably not.

I sometimes worry about my boys… life is good for them, even if they don’t see that all the time.  They are loved and cherished.  They have all their needs met and then some.  They do not live with fear.  They do not live with brokenness.  They do not live with loss.  They are so blessed.

How is that going to effect their life story?

Of course, I am so grateful that this has been their life story.  I am so grateful to God that my boys have a good life.    I just wonder how they will continue to write their life story.

Sometimes we bring pain and hurt into our own life.  I find it fascinating that after we make these choices how easy it is to blame God for the misery.

I see friends who have lived the “perfect” life… and watch as the littlest thing because a HUGE stressor.

My life story… each day is a page, each month or year is a chapter…

I am so grateful for each day… as it really is a gift, isn’t it?

There are no guarantees.

Live, Laugh and Love Today.

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  1. Marjorie says:

    how blessed to love your life and recognize the blessings you have.

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