“Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you.”

Wow… that one hit me … (I saw this on a Facebook friend’s status).

I wish I could take back the tears I cried over those that did not hold me in the same light.

Actually I haven’t had a bunch of boyfriends… and so there were only a couple I cried over … yet how mad it makes me that I wasted those tears.  Did they cry over me?  Um… I highly doubt it.


I wish I had been that strong kind of gal that said “See you later” and walked away.  Nope.. I was the one that analyzed it to death.  I was the one that wondered what was wrong with me?  How come I didn’t think of what was wrong with him?

You know, this applies in friendships too, I’m thinking.

As I have wondered why a couple of girlfriends just walked way… I have to say that I doubt that they think of me.

Don’t cry over someone that wouldn’t cry over you.

As I watch my boys growing up, some interested in girls and some that still think that they have the cooties… I hope that their precious hearts will not be broken too badly.  I hope that they will treat the ladies’ heart that cross their paths with gentleness and care.  I hope that they can find true love without too many scars.

Yet.. it is worth it.  When you get it right?  Those tears of yesterday are a passing memory…  just annoying to remember wasting tears… when those tears weren’t reciprocated.

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  1. Michele Ferbeek says:

    Tears are a sign of passion….and passion is the essence of strength.

  2. Marjorie says:

    You remind me of the old saying “You got to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince”!

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