Proud Moment…

What a long day yesterday was!!!

I had appointments for the boys …  we had just got into the van after getting a puffer for my Tyler… and Josh throws up all over…  there is nothing more disgusting than throw up in a vehicle.

And … the sound effects by the boys…lol.

I feel like I need to pour the hand sanitizer all over me!

I was on the phone, talking to a friend who was really sick.  There is nothing worse then being the mom and being sick.  She had a fever and was throwing up.  Her husband was out of town.  I said to her, “Let me know if you need anything...” knowing full well she wouldn’t ask… and making a point to stop at the store and pick up some things for her, though I didn’t voice it.

Tyler looks at me, after I hung up and said, “You shouldn’t ask her what she needs… she isn’t going to tell you.  You should just do something.”

Wow… how is it my 14 year old gets what so many grown adults don’t?

I was blown away with his heart.  And.. so proud.

Asking if there is anything you can do, is a mute question, don’t you think?  Just think of what  you would want done for you… and there is your answer.

Doing unto others… it is just that simple.

Another thing… don’t forget the thank you.  I am amazed that the lack of manners that grown adults seem to be missing.  Again… this comes down to the basics of if you are a giver and taker.

Be a giver!

Be a gracious, grateful taker… Please.

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