Mean Girls Alive and Well…

Last night Sanj’s hockey team played their last game at the Memorial Center (the arena where the Peterborough Petes play).  So we all went to watch and cheer him on.

Part of the reason to go is to watch the game, obviously.   The other part is the socializing.  The boys, especially the younger ones, love seeing their friends and running around enjoying the freedom of having the whole arena to explore.

Did you see the movie Mean Girls?  Even if you haven’t, if you are a female, you likely know what the movie is about, right?

Girls can be so MEAN!

Why is that?

I was sitting with my friends… and noticed a girl crying.

There was pure pain and sadness in her eyes.

The MEAN girls were at it again.

They were being exclusive.  They were being cruel.

They were being hurtful.  They were being ugly.

They were being MEAN girls.

What makes some girls so MEAN?

Why are some so hurtful?

It broke my hurt watching this.  I felt this child’s pain.   I wanted to go to the MEAN girls and intervene.  I wanted to parent them… as they’re own parents were oblivious.

It broke my heart watching this child’s heart ache.  It made me sad knowing that this cut deeper than deep.  The scar would remain.

We all know about MEAN girls.

One of my boys liked a MEAN girl.  I don’t think he saw this in her.  (That scared me a little).  I saw her being really MEAN, over and over again.  I never forgot that.  I remember going over to her and her little friends saying, “That isn’t nice, what you are doing.”   Maybe she learned that behavior.  Maybe she was born with it.  It scared me that my son didn’t see that in her.  It scared me that these girls know how to work it.

MEAN  girls… they don’t seem to stop being breed.   Every generation seems to have them.

Maybe we have to look at ourselves.   We have to stop the MEAN in us before we can stop the MEAN in them.

It’s time that NICE girls rule.

Don’t you think?

I hope my boys will only bring home NICE girls.

Please… Jesus!

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