Happy Mother’s Day

ONE MORE SLEEP! Tomorrow at this time I will be in hanging out with no kiddies hanging on! Ok I am counting on the fact that my kids do not really read my blog so I can honestly say… I can’t wait!
But again, I can honestly say I miss them already. It is the curse of motherhood… I think. I love them so much but KNOW that by Tuesday night I will be ready to be back in the crazy of it all.

Since I am missing Mother’s Day, tonight we went to dinner and I got flowers, great cards and Grey’s Anatomy DVD series. Sammy heard on the radio today that what most moms wanted most was a night to watch McDreamy and eat popcorn in peace. Cute, eh? I love Grey’s Anatomy and popcorn is my most favorite snacky food.

(What I heard was that moms wanted an afternoon nap… uninterrupted)!

I got all the homemade gifts and they each had their way of making it really theirs. So as I ponder Mother’s Day and being a mom I thank you God, for the gift of my sons. Even in those moments when I think of life all alone with only me to think of … I can’t help but realize this is me 100%. I was made to be mom. It is my biggest blessing and yes, it comes with the moments of cursing too.

It is weird to think that I have been a mom for 12.5 years! I remember being 12 myself and that doesn’t seem too long ago. I want so badly to bless my children with a balance of a “cool mom” and yet still be the mom that they know will beat their little butts if needed! (no not literally… CSA not needed)!

I think of all the moms in my life… thank you for sharing, caring and and being an encouragement to me in your own way.
Happy Mother’s Day to each of you… may you have days filled with knowing you are one of the biggest blessings in your child’s life and that thanks comes in all those small, sticky, yummy, wonderful little ways.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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