3 more sleeps!

My brother Kumar is graduating with his doctorate this weekend. I am so proud of him! Its Mother’s Day weekend too. So I was torn knowing that its a special day for my kids to show their love for me… and yet really wanting to be there to celebrate with my brother.

So 3 more sleeps! Mother’s Day comes early (Friday) and Josh and I are off to Maryland. I am so looking forward to it! I love spending time with my brother and family. I am looking forward to catching up with Sanj’s cousins and add some shopping to the mix… some great restaurants, no housework or laundry, maybe sleeping in and Josh occupied with Ammama makes for a perfect getaway!

I am surrounded by such motivated, smart people! It is a good thing that I am not too insecure in that area. Sanj is working on his doctorate too. His grades on a test are 128%. Is there a need for that? I hated school and am so glad to be done with it! I love learning… hands on. I hate classrooms and all that pressure of grades.

Funny I chose the profession of teaching eh? 🙂 Well I thought I could make it better. What I didn’t count on was once I had my own kids I wouldn’t have the patience and love for other people’s kids.

So now I am in search of a new career. Real Estate is right now my #1 choice. I love houses. I love the search for the perfect house. Since I spend a lot of computer time on MLS maybe I should get paid for it!

One of my life goals is to write a book. The pressure is on as this is one of my brother’s goals too and I think he has started.
I have so much to say! But does any one really want to hear it? Another one… I am not sure it is really a goal but I would love to be a motivational speaker but since I get sick to my stomach and shake like a leaf when up front that may be on the back burner a while. I would love to do something with photography too. The lotto… would love to win just a couple of million.

Adopt a house full of orphans would be a life dream fulfilled.

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