Back to real life…

Going to my brother’s graduation was a nice getaway. I enjoyed the one on one with Josh, who was quite a trooper and just a break from every day. Now I am back to every day life. Sanj and the boys enjoyed a weekend of hanging out doing the daddy thing… which included many desserts, I was told!

Each of the boys express their love so differently or that they missed me. Sammy is just plain expressive… He just says it. We are so alike. Tyler doesn’t say much. He will hug and say “love you” and not much more. Tickling him relaxes him and makes him more expressive but not by much. Jordan doesn’t say much but will call me literally 5-6xs a day just to say something totally not relevent. But he doesn’t say what he is really feeling… I miss you mom. Max is just quiet. The day before I left he was upset and cried over something very minor … so unlike him. The morning I was leaving I had to find him, hanging out on his bunk. He was so quiet and I had to ask him if he was going to miss me… and he mumbles yes. Zachary was clingy. When I returned he didn’t leave my side.

PHEW. They are so different. Yet they love their mom! I need to go away a bit more just to be reminded! 🙂

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