Garage Sale

Rhema Christian School is having a HUGE indoor garage sale this weekend. We are FUNdraising for playground equipment!
We spent most of the day sorting thru other people’s STUFF. Maybe because of how we grew up… accepting hand me downs and going to garage sales, I have a very strong AVERSION to other people’s stuff.

Nothing against you folk that go out at 6:30 am and are the “early birds” that yard sale people dislike… please don’t take offense. You keep a whole group of folks delighted. I am just saying it isn’t for me. Touching the stuff, first of all, creeps me out. I feel the need to bathe in scalding water after the fact.

I think what had me distrubed the most the is the CRAP people bring in. If you are having your OWN garage sale.. it is your business. We are a charity… trying to RAISE money… so the fact that people sent stuff homeless people would be offend to receive … that we have to PAY to dump was highly upsetting to me.

Top 3 weird stuff that was donated:
1. handmade dolly thingys
2. a dishwasher rack…

OK Is that weird or what??? Why not bring your crap in a bag and sell for 25 cents?
The other funny thing was that in the pile of stuff… this family brings in this housewarming present WE had given them!
Guess we know what they thought of it!

God, I pray that you bless our efforts and bring in a huge number of garage sale folks this weekend to the school.
May they find treasures in the midst of all the STUFF. May I find a Zantax pill to help me thru the day. Amen.

If you would like to donate FUNds feel free to contact me!
Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

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One Response to Garage Sale

  1. kumardixit says:

    Ha! Too funny. People are always looking for things to get rid off, not donate. Each year my church has a huge food drive around Thanksgiving for poor families. People bring out so much food, it seems impressive. Until we go through all of it and find usually 25 percent of the food has already expired. Pretty sad for people to get rid of the things in their pantry instead of thinking what others may really be in need of.