Golf is like handbag shopping…

Golf replaces hockey in our home in the warmer weather. It is actually an obsession. Tyler can only think of “when can I get to the course?” It is an effective grounding tool! Too bad I can’t ground Sanj. He just gets plain ole’ grumpy when he can not golf. I have learned it is better to shoo them out the door and then breathe.

Max has joined the gang. He can only golf with Sanj still but cannot get enough. Sammy is my most level headed of the group. He loves it, is really good at it yet knows his limit… and mine.

So I am in Sanj’s vehicle and notice a paper with numbers… its various golf clubs. He responds, “I was just trying a few out.”

Hum… I get it.

I love purses. It was the only thing that never changed sizes on me during the many years of pregnancy.

You don’t need new clubs (or a purse) but it sure is nice to have new accessories. It is fun to have the latest “model.”

Good thing I don’t like golf… I just saw a cute set of pink clubs, oh and then there was the shoes that looked great… well, then I would definitely need a new outfit!

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