New Love

Can I tell you I love blogging? I had been journaling for years, since my early university days. Those are funny to read. As I grew older and time got shorter I found that I would journal only when bad stuff or stressful stuff was happening. Those are not as fun to read… although i do see so many instances where God carried me through it all.

Blogging… it is fulfilling the need to write. Maybe this is my apprenticeship to my book/s. You are my critics… so bring it on.
Thanks for reading and commenting. I have so much to say… so much that goes through my mind in a 24 hour period that it feels great to put it on “paper.” It really do suck at grammar and spelling. Sanj is always criticizing my writing… he is my faithful editor. It has made to want to learn the right ways to spell words I would have just faked. I am learning! And I am not in school!

I love the fact that I can write about anything… it doesn’t matter if anyone is really reading it but if does feel good to get that occasional feedback. So thanks for going on this ride with me.

If you decide to start a blog… I would love to know.

So I will end this blog with a short conversation with Zach (the 6 year old)…
“Mom, when I am in high school and learn to drive… can I have a corvette?”
Me… “Um If you can pay for it.” So likely NO.”

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One Response to New Love

  1. em says:

    I just love your blogs. Keep it up. They always bring joy to my otherwise stressful life. Maybe someday my blogs will be more positive and upbeat. But hey, maybe there is a place in this world for cynical, negative writers. LOL. I will answer your emails shortly. Hope all is well.