A Week Lost…

It’s Friday… I’ve missed a whole week in the real world!


(My Sammy long boarding… I have to be sneaky taking the pictures as he is too cool to be photographed normally!)

Monday… Josh graduates from Senior Kindergarten!

How is that possible?  I suppose that it has been a good thing that I have been so out of touch with reality because I haven’t had time to focus on things such as my baby is moving onward to a full day of school.  He will be jumping over the jump rope into Grade 1.  My days will be void of any of my babes, next year.  As much as I am ready for this phase of life… I find my throat tightening and my heart racing.  I fill like I am empty nesting in a weird way.  Josh wants a tux for his grad.  I love this kid!  He is so crazy… in every sense of the word, good and bad! lol

Sunday… Father’s Day!

Guess I should back up… there is the weekend to get through, first.  Saturday my mom comes… so that means help is on the way for laundry and meals.  Yah!  It is also my father-in-law’s birthday so we will go there to celebrate this.  Then there is Father’s Day… this is a day full of hockey as this is the first day for 3 on 3 Hockey for the boys. (Ugh).

Tuesday to Thursday…

I am sure there are many field trips for the boys as the school year wraps up… and I will be juggling this in between getting our house ready for company…


We will be having all sorts of family and friends joining us for the baptism of the 5 older boys and a BBQ to celebrate the end of the school year!  There are a lot of folks coming, which is awesome… and yet right now, there is rain and lightening in the forecast.  Please… could you pray with me…
(Dear God… I really need this today to be perfect… there are too many folks to fit into our house and it is a celebration that needs to be outside.  Lord, please bless us with a perfect day… and thank you ahead of time for answering this prayer! I love you! AMEN)

Did I mention that in 10 sleeps my little guy, Sammy is turning 16 years old?

How did that happen?  Is that possible?

Where did the time go???

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2 Responses to A Week Lost…

  1. Rena Ridley says:

    I hope every day and every detail works out perfectly. After the week you’ve had, you deserve it! Let me know if I can do anything to help on Friday. We’re off to Cambridge today for Chris’ birthday and father’s day. Enjoy your weekend, hopefully at home!

  2. Anonymous says:

    let me know also if I can help…

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