Sun and Cloud Mix…

For the next week, I will be stalking the weather… since I will have a 100 people at our house on Friday.  I need a beautiful day… preferrably not too hot or rainy.

Thursday it showed possibility of thundershowers.  Yikes.

Yesterday it showed a sun/cloud mix and high of 19 Celcius.

Today it is showing sun/cloud mix with a high of 21 Celsius.  This, I can live with.

So… begins my weather prayers…

(Please, Dear God,  in between all Your really important stuff, could You please bless us with a beautiful day on Friday… Please? Thank you ahead of time! I love You.  Amen).

While talking about Friday.. 6 more sleeps till school is OUT for my younger crew!  Yahoo!!!

Last night we went and say Mr. Popper’s Penguin… I am not a Jim Carrey fan but he did good in this movie and the movie was very cute.

Jim Carrey’s character is a divorced dad who has an apartment that would make a OCD person cry for joy.  I looked over at Sanj and said, “That’s your dream, isn’t it?” He didn’t even lie!

Then Sanj looks at me after a few minutes and said, “It’s going to get all wrecked.  I hate when they wreck a neat place.” I turned away because I wasn’t sure if he might start crying! lol

My poor dear… life in a house with 6 boys and a wife who really doesn’t cater to the needs of an OCD person must be really hard to cope with.

I keep telling him, there are pills out there that would help!

It’s gorgeous outside!  The pool is up and absolutely FREEZING yet some of the boys braved the frigid waters just to be in it.  Brrr…

My sweet Max is still throwing up but it has definitely improved from earlier in the week.  At the movies last night, Max had one hand with his popcorn and the other hand for his throw up container…. and then some point in the movie, he spilled the vomit on himself.

Oh My Goodness!


Lord Have Mercy!!!


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